Dr. Jensen and his staff easily met and exceeded my expectations. I’m no stranger to dental work, having had teeth pulled, cavities filled, retainers, spacers and braces worn, bridgework done and crowns set. I appreciate that Dr. Jensen took the time to conduct an evaluation of my tooth before drilling. His commitment to conserving the tooth first earned my confidenceI was very comfortable throughout the entire procedure and my recovery was a breeze. Don’t torture yourself with the myth that a root canal has to be a painful experience. The sooner you schedule an appointment, the sooner you can feel relief. 

– Elizabeth W.

I was so pleased that having a root canal was actually a pleasant experience. Dr. Jensen and his assistants are so skilled and they made my procedure relaxed and pain-free. The staff is also very helpful and friendly. The office surroundings are very peaceful and this added to a less stressful root canal procedure. 

– Beverly N.

Dr. Jensen, 

Normally I do not thank a dentist for a dental service, however, I feel the need to let you and your staff know that I appreciated your professionalism, your compassion, and even your admirable personality. If I would ever need your services in the future, I would not hesitate to make the call. 

Kind Regards, 
– Sheryll C. 

Dr. Jensen, 

Thank you so much for seeing and treating me for my root canal so quickly. You and your assistant were amazing and really made me feel at ease. I didn’t realize how much pain I was in until I was pain-free! Thanks again. You are my hero!!  


– Kristen B. 

The entire staff made me feel special. They were all professional, friendly and informative. I was treated respectfully and they were so nice. My doctor was thorough and tender during the procedure. What integrity and customer service!

– Theresa O.

I was very pleased with the treatment and results. The doctor explained everything and called me the day after the root canal to see how I felt. 

– Robert D. 

Dr. Jensen is wonderful. He makes you feel comfortable while doing the procedure. The staff is great at making sure you are doing OK the whole time. I highly recommend him. 

– Pat H.

Best dental experience ever! After the initial numbing, there was no pain or discomfort.  Thank you! 

– Mary R. 

So impressed with Dr. Jensen and his team. Wonderful bedside manner. SO happy I came. If I need to come back again, I will! 

– Julie M.

You people do a great job.  I trust Dr. Jensen completely! Your staff does a fantastic job.  Thank you. 

– Randy B. 

If you need immediate dental relief, this is where you need to be. The entire staff is compassionate, accommodating, comforting and very professional. 

– Frannie P.

From the welcome by the staff, greeting by Dr. Jensen, the root canal procedure and the goodbye…it was a nice experience.   

– Carol E. 

After having several teeth prepared for crowns, I was experiencing pain.  It was recommended I see Dr. Philip Jensen, and, after his exam, I decided to have the root canals. My mouth is small, making it more challenging through the procedure. I was made comfortable and almost immediately afterwards the pain was gone. It was very successful.  

– Carletta Z. 

Couldn’t have had a better, more personal experience. Dr. Jensen, Kim and Nancy were incredible. Thank you so much for making the procedure an easy one! 

– Jon M. 

I was referred to come to Jensen Endodontics for the completion of a root canal that couldn’t be done by my dentist. They were able to restore my tooth and save it. They were wonderful! 

– Lorraine B. 

My procedure was pain-free. I was very comfortable during my procedure. Dr. Jensen and all of his staff were very courteous, helpful and friendly. The office was very clean and neat. 

– Kathy S.

From the moment I entered the office, kind, caring staff greeted me, escorted me to the procedure room, and with a detailed explanation, described the dental procedure. Dr. Philip Jensen and his staff are competent and make you feel extremely comfortable. 

– Theresa L.  

As soon as I walked in the office door, I was greeted by the office staff. After a couple of minutes of conversation, I knew that the procedure was going to be a relaxing experience. As soon as I met Dr. Philip Jensen and his assistant, I was so relaxed that a few minutes into the root canal, I was asleep. Thank you, Dr. Philip and the whole staff. 

– Vinton S. 

This was a very pleasant experience. There was no pain. I couldn’t believe how relaxed I felt. I also appreciated that everyone in the office made me feel okay about my fears and did not make me feel bad about them. They showed concern and talked with me about my own concerns. 

– Diane D. 

I was so impressed with the courtesy and genuine friendliness of Dr. Jensen and his staff. My husband and I are transporters for a nursing home so we have been in dozens of doctors/dentists/hospitals for procedures, etc. We see so many office staff who do not take any interest in the patient. Your office gets an A+. Thank you for making my dreaded root canal actually enjoyable! 

– Donna D. 

Very happy with the performance I received! 

– Rose M. 

I was 66 years old and facing my first-ever root canal – with much fear and loathing! Dr. Phil made it so relaxed and painless, that I almost went into nap mode. Great pain-free experience! 

– Larry D. 

Dr. Jensen was both professional and considerate. I was very happy with his care. 

– Valerie H. 

From the beginning to the end… and every tiny and big detail in between, the staff & and atmosphere at Jensen Endodontics are the greatest!  Professional & caring staff. The cleanest and most interesting decorated office I’ve seen in a long time. I loved knowing I was going to be greeted and sent on my way with a smile and handshake from Dr. Philip Jensen! 

– Sara W. 

Dr. Jensen and his staff are very professional and caring. I received excellent, pain-free treatment in his office. The procedure was explained as well as the cost upfront. Highly recommended.  

– Bonnie N. 

I just wanted to thank everyone at the office from Dr. Jensen, to Gretchen, to the receptionist for the amazing friendliness and great care. It made a stressful situation way more comfortable. 

– Jeremy S. 

Dr. Phil and his staff are the greatest! Dr. Phil is a very compassionate doctor. He is very skilled and knowledgable. My procedures and recoveries were pain-free! 

– Debi D. 

I have had several root canals done in the past by dentists and the thought of having another done did not thrill me. This time the root canal was going to be done by an endodontist. What a difference! Dr. Jensen and his staff were very friendly and made me comfortable. Dr. Jensen kept me informed throughout the procedure that was completed successfully without pain. A doctor with bedside manners is a definite plus.  Thank you Dr. Jensen for treating me as if I was an old friend. Hopefully, my future does not include more root canals but if it does, you are the man! 

– Dan P.  

I was very nervous about this being done. Never had a root canal done. Everyone was very nice there. Dr. Jensen was professional and Taylour was helpful to me. I will refer anyone that would need a root canal.  


I was extremely nervous about this procedure. I had heard how painful this procedure was, but Dr. Jensen and his staff made me feel comfortable and I was very surprised and impressed with how well this procedure went. It was not painful at all and I would highly recommend Dr. Jensen for the procedure. 

– Leslie N. 

I was very concerned having never had a root canal before, but Dr. Philip Jensen did a great job. Most painful part was the shot. He was professional and accurate and he even made me laugh during the procedure’s waiting time. A great experience, very unexpected! 

– Brian K. 

I was very nervous the morning of my dental appointment. Being single, I have to do everything alone. Dr. Jensen and his staff exuded confidence in their work which had a calming effect on me. During and after my procedure I had no pain. I wish Dr. Jensen’s office could do all my dental work. 

– Patricia C. 

Would have had done a year ago if I had known how quick and easy it was. No discomfort and very little swelling. Thank you! 

Richard N. 

Dr. Jensen was very patient. I was really impressed how he made me feel – very comfortable. 

– Roger B. 

I was very apprehensive because I had never had this procedure. Dr. Jensen and his staff answered all my questions and explained the procedure in depth to me and definitely put my mind at ease. 

– Missy

I had a very positive experience and was dealt with in a highly professional manner. I would recommend this practice to friends and family. 

– Michael P. 

Great job! No pain. Nothing even close to what others say about root canals.

Ken E.

The office atmosphere was inviting, personnel were pleasant and informative.  

– Cheryl E.  

I must admit that I have never been so nervous about a procedure in my entire life. Upon arriving on the day of the procedure I was greeted by a friendly staff and Dr. Jensen who completed my procedure without pain. Dr. Jensen gave me guidelines to follow in the coming days and said as long as I followed them I would have little or no pain – and to my surprise, he was right. In my mind I was convinced this would be the very worst experience of my life but as it turned out all of my apprehension was in my head. Dr. Philip Jensen and staff were so compassionate and professional and I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing endodontic care.

– Kathy R. 

All staff is professional and friendly. Having a specialist with proper equipment makes a huge difference during and after procedures. No pain during the procedure at all. Thanks to everyone.

– Rick C.

From the front desk to the chair and back to the car, a top-notch professional thorough operation. The follow-up 6 months later was also extremely well done! Thank you and don’t retire, please!  

– John M. 

Professional, kind staff. Dr. Jensen explained the treatment thoroughly. The procedure was largely painless and recovery swift and complete. This was by far the best all-around dental experience I have ever had!! Thank you!

– Linda N. 

Thank you, Kim, for making me comfortable by chatting. Thank you to the receptionists for their professionalism. Thank you to Dr. Jensen for a job well done.  

– S.J.M

Very nice staff as well as Dr. Jensen. 

– Mary P.

Easiest dental work I’ve ever had done. The staff was friendly. Dr. Jensen was gentle on both the surgery and by not putting horrible pressure on my jaw. They answered any and all questions I had.  

– Cate M.

I have had several root canal procedures done at dental offices from the 1990s to present day. Dr. Jensen made my last procedure very tolerable and quick. The staff is very friendly and helpful. He will be doing any future work of mine! 

– Deborah M. 

Wonderful, painless procedure. Dr. Jensen is the best! 

– Mandi M. 

Dr. Jensen did an excellent job presenting my options for treatment and putting my concerns to rest before proceeding. The whole treatment was completed in one visit and was no more inconvenient than a regular filling. 

– Marina